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Arizona Stats

  • Population: 7,172,000
  • Hospitals: 95
  • Median RN Salary: $77,000

Arizona Board of Nursing

4747 North 7th Street, Suite 200
Phoenix , AZ
602.889.5155 (fax)

Arizona is famous for its desert landscapes, the largest stand of Ponderosa Pine trees in the world and it is one of Major League Baseball's choices for spring training camp. Arizona has become a destination for retirees due to the warm climate, low cost of living, sports, art and culture. Arizona has one of the largest Native American populations in the country. It is home to medical facilities such as the Phoenix Children's Hospital, the Mayo clinic, the Arizona Heart Hospital, and the twice selected magnet nursing hospital, John C. Lincoln North Mountain, all of which offer excellent nursing job opportunities. Submit your resume to be matched to jobs in Arizona.

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