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We may have 381,584 active nurses but you only pay for the ones that respond to you! Spend your time connecting with interested and engaged nurses who are much more likely to result in a hire.

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“NurseRecruiter has become a critical partner in our recruitment strategy. From the first day we began recruiting highly qualified nurses that were placed within weeks.”

Mary-Ellen Betterton
Division President, Nurse Pathways

Got Nursing Jobs?

If you have open nursing jobs, don't just post them on a generic job board — post them to our nursing job board and reach 381,584 active nurses. We allow you to specify profession, speciality, license, travel experience and more.

“It's already hard enough to fill nursing positions without having to use generic job boards...”

Robert Gentel, CEO

Search the Nurse Database

With over 381,584 active accounts we have the largest database of self-registered nurses available online and with our direct message system you can reach out to hundreds, or even thousands of candidates and only pay for the candidates who reply. Start recruiting today!

Live Nurse Leads

As candidates register we match them against jobs and let them select the employers they want to send their profile to. This way you get not only the right candidates but the right candidates at the right time, when they are looking for your job!

“Sometimes it's just as important to know when a nurse is looking for a job as anything. Often employers recruit candidates they already had because they learn from us that they are currently seeking employment.”

Nick Ashley, CTO

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We are the all-in-one solution for recruiting nurses. Start recruiting nurses today with NurseRecruiter!

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Add your coworkers, at NurseRecruiter you never pay for upsells like seats.

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You can message candidates directly on our site and you only pay for the candidates that reply.

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You can try NurseRecruiter with no risks, due to our generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Job Imports

We can help you import all your jobs using your job feeds or csv files.

Nursing-specific Search

NurseRecruiter let's you search by profession, specialty, license, travel nursing experience and more.

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You can pause your account at any time and have no strings attached. Use our services when needed and cancel anytime.

Interested Candidates

Instead of trying to fish in a pond where everyone is fishing you can recruit candidates who selected you!

The largest nurse database

Instead of stale license lists our database is 100% self-registered. Reach 381,584 active nurses today!

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Whether you have one job to fill or one thousand we have the plan just for you. Register now to access 381,584 active nurses. And with our 30-day, money-back guarantee you can try us risk free!

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Single job plan

  • Single Job Posting
  • Up to 5 candidates included
  • Additional candidates $30.00/each
  • No database access
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$345 /month

Get access to our database!

  • Post up to 5 jobs
  • Up to 20 candidates included
  • Additional candidates $25.00/each
  • Unlimited database access
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$595 /month

For small local employers

  • Post up to 15 jobs
  • Up to 40 candidates included
  • Additional candidates $20.00/each
  • Unlimited database access
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$975 /month

For small agencies and healthcare systems

  • Post all your jobs
  • Up to 100 candidates included
  • Additional candidates $15.00/each
  • Unlimited database access
  • Job Imports
  • Custom Data Integrations
  • Premium Support