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    PCU Nurse needed for North Carolina

    Travel/Contract RN/Tele job in Raleigh, North Carolina with Magnet Medical

    PCU Nurse needed for a hospital in Raleigh, NC for a late September start date. This is a progressive care unit. PCU is a step-down unit.... View job

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    HOT JOB - Intensive Care Unit day/nights in PA- $2,070 Gross!!

    Travel/Contract RN/ICU job in Danville, Pennsylvania with Access Healthcare LLC

    HFAM 7 is a cardiac focus ICU and SCU combine. We have a total of 19 ICU beds and 11 SCU beds. We specialize in cardiac surgery, post arrest... View job

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    $2000 per week in Dallas for talented Infusion Nurses (RN)

    Travel/Contract RN/Oncology job in Dallas, Texas with WalkerHealthcare

    WalkerHealthcare, an industry leader in the placement of Nursing and Allied Health professionals is seeking a talented Travel Nurse – Infusi... View job

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    Obstetrics Registered Nurse

    Travel/Contract RN/OB/GYN job in Whiteriver, Arizona with AB Staffing Solutions

    OB Registered Nurse Are you ready to explore new places while building your resume? At AB Staffing, we specialize in placing healthcare pro... View job

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    Operating Room RNs needed in Phoenix, AZ

    Travel/Contract RN/OR job in Phoenix, Arizona with Aston/Parker Recruitment Services

    We are looking for OR RNs to work in Phoenix. Earn up to $3000 per week with full benefits starting on your first day. Here are a coupl... View job

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    Oncology RN - Travel - California

    Travel/Contract RN/Oncology job in Northridge, California with Malone Healthcare

    Malone Healthcare Solutions is currently working with some of the nation’s premier healthcare facilities, as well as small community hospita... View job

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    Step-Down Nurse needed for Idaho

    Travel/Contract RN/Tele job in Idaho Falls, Idaho with Magnet Medical

    Step-Down Nurse needed for a hospital in Idaho Falls, ID for an early October start date. This is a 27 bed unit with 8 in overflow. This ho... View job

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    Telemetry Nurse needed for Lousiana

    Travel/Contract RN/Tele job in Monroe, Louisiana with Magnet Medical

    Telemetry Nurse needed for a hospital in Monroe, LA for a late September start date. This hospital is looking for a nurse with 2 years of e... View job

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    MedSurg Nurse needed for Montana

    Travel/Contract RN/MS job in Butte, Montana with Magnet Medical

    MedSurg Nurse needed for a hospital in Butte, MT for an early Octoboer start date. This is a 26 bed unit with a 5:1 ratio. Will take first t... View job

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    MedSurg Nurse Needed for Arkansas

    Travel/Contract RN/MS job in Little Rock, Arkansas with Magnet Medical

    MedSurg Nurse needed for a hospital in Little Rock, AR for an early October start date. This is a rehab unit with orthopedic and spinal pati... View job


Travel nursing is an excellent match for nurses seeking adventure, premium compensation and the opportunity for professional development. In order to work as travelers, nurses sign on with agencies which are contracted with health care facilities to provide supplemental staff in the form of travel nurses. Nurses generally work as employees of the staffing agency on contracts which define such things as dates and location of the assignment, pay rates, stipends and other benefits. "Deal points", as compensation components are commonly referred to, can differ from agency to agency but the amount of compensation afforded the nurse is determined in a consistent manner. The agency takes their bill rate for the assignment, less costs and profit margin, and then uses the remainder to create a compensation package for the nurse. The fewer benefits the travel nurse chooses the higher hourly pay rate they can command. Some of the benefits offered by travel companies can include: relocation assistance, housing, furniture rental, rental car, license reimbursement and subsidies for various living expenses. When full compensation packages are considered travel nurses generally earn more than staff nurses.

Other benefits travel nurses enjoy come from the traveling itself. Nurses have the opportunity to take assignments from coast to coast and experience cities and states they've always wanted to explore. Travel nursing assignments are usually 13 weeks in length, providing sufficient time to get the feel of a city while being short enough to move around and visit many destinations. Additionally, travel nursing is great for those who want to further their careers by gaining exposure to new practices and technologies. Since travel nurses can work in different facilities all over the US, they are able to work with a wide variety of health care professionals in a variety of settings. This exposure is invaluable for professional growth and development.

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