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Washington Stats

  • Population: 6,287,759
  • Hospitals: 61
  • Median RN Salary: $70,840

Washington Board of Nursing

310 Israel Rd SE
Tumwater , WA 98501
(360) 236-4700


Washington is the evergreen state with tree covered mountains, volcanoes, beautiful rocky coastline, and rolling fields of grasslands. Much of the state is set aside for parks to preserve the natural beauty for future generations. Seattle is where Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks have their headquarters. It is also a top state for nursing jobs. The state is home to the University of Washington Medical Center, which was selected by US News and World Report to be on their Best Hospitals Honor Roll. Coming in second and third on the list were Virginia Mason Medical Center, and Harborview Medical Center. Together they display some of the highest patient satisfaction ratings in the country, which is a direct compliment to the nursing and heath care staff. Washington is progressive in its approach to preserving nature and in its dedication to quality healthcare services. Submit your resume to be matched to jobs in Washington.

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