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Hawaii Stats

  • Population: 1,420,000
  • Hospitals: 26
  • Median RN Salary: $98,080

Hawaii Board of Nursing

P.O. Box 3469
Honolulu , HI 96801
(808) 586-3000


Hawaii is the perfect living and working destination for many. It is quite unique with one of the world's most active volcanoes, the tallest sea mountain, the only royal palace on U.S. soil, the rainforests on the Hamakua Coast, and Panaluu Beach with its jet-black sand. Its perfect temperatures and and the welcoming spirit of Hawaii's people make it a wonderful place to not only visit but to work and live. There are many nursing opportunities on the islands ranging from working at resorts to working at hospitals and cancer centers. The Queens Medical Center which is the largest private hospital and a leading Pacific Basin referral center, the Tripler Army Medical Center, and the Naval Medical Clinic of Pearl Harbor are just a few of the many medical centers located on the islands. Submit your resume to be matched to jobs in Hawaii.

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