Nursing jobs in West Memphis and around Arkansas

Nurses jobs in West Memphis

Fronting the Mississippi River, this Crittenden County city is near the Tennessee state line. European exploration can be traced back to the summer of 1541, when Spanish conquistadors crossed the Mississippi.

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Population: 27,211

Staff nurses working in West Memphis, AR are currently earning an average base salary of around $61,000. They are also in receipt of a great collection of benefits that sees contributions to their pensions, assistance with healthcare and paid time off. A local employment opportunity could be found at the Crittenden Regional Hospital. This facility has received a Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission that displays their quality of care and patient safety standards are in fitting with requirements. West Memphis is scattered with retail stores, local shops and restaurants so you will always have ways to occupy yourself outside of work. There are also a variety of festivals, theater productions and live concerts that take place all year round. Opportunities for educational advancement are plenty, with local facilities like the Concorde Career College and Nursing Institute of the Mid-South.

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