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Arkansas Stats

  • Population: 3,014,000
  • Hospitals: 120
  • Median RN Salary: $60,780

Arkansas Board of Nursing

University Tower Bldg. Suite 800 1123 South University
Little Rock , AR 72204
(501) 686-2700
(501) 686-2714 (fax)

Arkansas with its waterfalls, caverns, Hot Springs National Park in the Quachita Mountains, and Eureka Springs in the Ozark Mountains makes it a great place to live and work if you enjoy the beauty of nature. In addition, Arkansas offers beautiful golf courses, the wine vineyards of the Arkansas River Valley, microbreweries, and greyhound dog racing for those who enjoy an afternoon at the racing track. Music lovers will enjoy the Ozark Mountain folk music and Delta blues at the many music festivals across the state. The University of Arkansas Medical Center and the Arkansas Children's Hospital of Little Rock, as well as the other medical centers throughout the state, provide excellent health care for its residents and many medical and nursing job opportunities. Submit your resume to be matched to jobs in Arkansas.

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