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North Dakota Stats

  • Population: 760,900
  • Hospitals: 44
  • Median RN Salary: $65,740

North Dakota Board of Nursing

919 South 7th Street, Suite 504
Bismarck , ND 58594
701-328-9785 (fax)

Ninety percent of North Dakota is covered by farmland. It has two U.S. Air Force bases which are located at Minot and Grand Forks. Two of the state's hospitals, Altru Hospital and Trinity Medical Center, are located in these two cities and provide medical care and nursing jobs for their area. North Dakota is considered the center of North America and has a stone marker in Rugby, identifying it as such. There is a large population of Native Americans in North Dakota where the United Tribes International Powow is held each September. The Roosevelt National Park is popular with tourists. North Dakota was recently ranked the "friendliest state" by Cambridge University and is ranked #1 in safety, making it a great place to live and work. Submit your resume to be matched to jobs in North Dakota.

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