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Nursing in Minot, North Dakota

Due south of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Canadian provinces, Minot is a city in Ward County and is the county seat. 'The Magic City' was founded in the nineteenth century as the western terminus of the Great Northern Railway.

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Population: 34,994

The average base salary for a registered nurse working in Minot, ND is around $46,000, but can vary depending on experience and what RNs specialize in. The Trinity Health System provides Minot with two hospitals and one nursing facility. Trinity Hospital is an acute care facility with 251 licensed beds and Trinity Hospital – St. Joseph’s is an inpatient rehabilitation unit with 165 licensed beds. Trinity Homes is the nursing facility within the Trinity Health System. It is the biggest torn term care facility in North Dakota and specializes in care for Alzheimer’s patients. Minot is the ideal for those who enjoy recreational activities. Their warm and dry summers provide perfect conditions for a variety of sports including golf, basketball, softball, tennis and fishing among others. Nurses looking to improve their education should seek the Department of Nursing at Minot State University where BSN and RN degrees are taught.

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