Bountiful Nursing Jobs - Nursing jobs in Bountiful, Utah

Nurse jobs in Bountiful, Utah

Near Interstates 15 and 215 (the Belt Route), this Davis County city can trace its origins back to 1847, making it the second-oldest community in the state of Utah, after Salt Lake City.

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Population: 44,422

In Bountiful, Utah, the hard work of registered nurses pays off with an average annual salary of $62,910, with those specializing in emergency and travel nursing having the potential to earn even more. Employee benefits such as retirement plans, healthcare and paid annual leave increase this base salary by nearly 30% to $89,345. A key employer in Bountiful, UT is the Woodmead Medical Clinic, a walk-in and appointment center that aims to provide the high level of personalized care RNs are famous for. Bountiful is now Utah’s fifteenth largest city, with a population of around 45,000, and is very family-oriented with lively neighborhoods and many annual festival celebrations. One of the main nursing colleges in the city is Nightingale College, which operates a generous financial aid scheme to ensure those with high potential are able to qualify as RNs regardless of their background.

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