Nurse jobs in Eastpointe

Nursing in Eastpointe, Michigan

This Macomb County city is a suburb of Detroit and borders 8 Mile Road. It was originally settled by German and Irish immigrants in the 1830s, and was first called Halfway, and then East Detroit, until 1992.

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Population: 32,333

Registered nurses in Eastpointe can earn an impressive $67,000 on average. Local nurses can choose from a variety of working environments, such as the Kelly Family Medical Center, the Eastpointe Medical Center and St. John’s Hospital. Residents of Eastpointe have access to a wide range of facilities, such as the Eastpointe Memorial Library, the John F Kennedy Park and the Barrister Gardens Banquet Center, as well as a host of locally-owned cafes and restaurants. Eastpointe is also just 15 minutes from Lake St. Clair, which offers a host of water sports and fishing opportunities. Nurses in Eastpointe are lucky enough to live just 15 minutes from the Central Michigan University. Through the university’s School of Medicine and of Health Professions, students can begin their career or build on existing experience. Students can receive six different types of financial assistance.

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