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Hospice Nurse Case Manager

Hospice Nurse Case Manager
RN - Hospice
Denver, CO
Silver Linings Hospice

Silver Linings Hospice

At Silver Linings Hospice, we are family owned and operated, with a deep desire to care for our patients and staff as best as possible. We work together as a close knit cohesive team in order to assure our patients are receiving the best possible care, while simultaneously working with each staff member to make sure their needs are met in a way that makes our whole company a happier place to work.

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Hospice Nurse Case Manager

While working at Silver Linings Hospice you will be a part of our comprehensive hospice team comprised of a Physician, RN, CNA, Social Worker, and Chaplain. We all work together in order to make sure the overall comfort of each patient is met. In this position you will drive from facility to patients homes in order to provide hospice care to each individual. This position is typically 9-5 Monday through Friday.

RN Degree
Some experience is preferred but not mandatory
Drivers License
Ability to assess and work on your own
ability to self motivate
experience charting is very helpful in this position
Good bedside manner and ability to work with the elderly population
Denver, Colorado 80215
Registered Nurse
Employment Type
You set your own schedule