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Nursing jobs in Jeffersonville, Indiana

Fronting the Ohio River, Jeffersonville is near the Kentucky state line. It is a city in Clark County, and serves as the county seat. Its origins can be traced back to 1786.

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Population: 29,262

It’s no wonder that newly qualified registered nurses are moving to Jeffersonville, Indiana, with an average rewarding salary of $63,989, and that’s not included all of the working benefits that can be gained. The Clark Memorial Hospital is one institution in Jeffersonville where the skills of a registered nurse are highly valued, and their work has been recognized by several businesses as providing excellent in employee value. For newly-graduated registered nurses, this center offers an educational assistance program which can help to pay for your education whilst you can valuable work experience. Other benefits offered to employees at the Clark Memorial Hospital include a retirement plan, health and dental insurance and paid time off. For when you’re not working, Jeffersonville is famous for its old district, where you can explore and enjoy its history dating back to the American Civil War and the World Wars.

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