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Nurse Jobs in Adelanto, CA

If you're considering relocating to California, then you could do far worse than Adelanto. The average salary for a RN here is $69,364. There are many medical centers to choose from, such as the St Mary Medical Center, which has served the area for more than 50 years and has been named the most preferred hospital in the Victor Valley region for seven years. Naturally, this can only happen because of its medical professionals - like you. Adelanto's claim to fame is its founder, E. H. Richardson who invented what was to become the Hotpoint Electric Iron. Up until the Great Depression it was also known for its fruit and cider, and then the Victorville Army Airfield in 1941. Career progression is taken seriously at the hospitals in Adelanto because it is recognized that this is the only way to give the best patient care. Submit your resume to be matched to jobs in Adelanto.


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