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Near the Tennessee River, Interstate 565 runs through this Madison County city. European settlement dates back to the nineteenth century. The city was the site of an 1864 Civil War battle.

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Population: 39,192

Don’t be afraid to demand your worth as an experienced registered nurse: in Alabama, total compensation for a RN exceeds $89,000 on an annual basis, with a competitive salary and additional benefit schemes considered. One institution in search on dedicated RNs is the Madison Hospital, which is embarking upon an expansion of its staff team due to high demand from the community. With all the shops and entertainment facilities a family could need on your doorstep, living in Madison is the dream for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. The city’s historical district makes for a great day out. Want to expand your horizons in nursing? Alabama medical centers such as Huntsville College often offer RNs tuition fee funding to develop their skills and knowledge in a chosen specialty.

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