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Registered Nurse RN Full Time
Laredo, TX
Vibra Healthcare

Vibra Healthcare

Laredo Specialty Hospital is seeking Full-Time Registered Nurses - RN - to join our team! **$5,000 Bonus for a 2 year commitment!!** Day Shift available! Laredo Specialty Hospital, located in Laredo, TX, is a 40 bed Critical Care Hospital providing acute care services to patients recovering from serious illnesses or injuries. Often our patients... Read More
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Nurse Jobs in Laredo, Texas

The eighty-sixth largest city in the United States and the nation's largest inland port, Laredo is home to just over 221,000 residents. The largest distribution point in the trade between Mexico and the United States, Laredo's economy is based around transportation, health care, government, and the hospitality industry. Due to its strategic importance, Laredo is commonly known as "The Gateway City." Laredo is home to a number of large hospitals, including the Mercy Health Center, and the Doctors Hospital of Laredo. Submit your resume to be matched to jobs in Laredo.


Texas Board of Nursing

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Austin , TX 78701
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