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Interstate 59 runs through this Jones County city, which was established in 1882 as a lumber town. Over one-fifth of all families in the city live below the poverty line.

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Population: 18,165

Laurel staff nurses can earn a mean salary of about $52,500 per year. Employers of RNs include the South Central Regional Medical Center, which is located within the city limits. Laurel is a city in central Mississippi, in Jones County, and is a suburb of Hattiesburg, which is located to the southwest. A car, if available, is usually the better option for getting to Hattiesburg, although Amtrak does stop at both cities. A train ride takes about 40 minutes, although the schedule is infrequent. The city was originally formed in 1882. It is the site of the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, the state’s oldest art museum. Nurses seeking to further their studies will find courses at the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University; both are in Hattiesburg.

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