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Your primary responsibility will be to provide nursing care to patients while incarcerated. You will assist the Medical Services Manager in the operation of the health care unit at the institution in the development, direction, coordination, and evaluation of professional nursing practices, and by assuming responsibility for the operation of the unit in the absence of management staff.

Direct Care
Assess patient's physical, mental and emotional condition during sick call, clinics. Initiate appropriate interventions according to health care policy and procedures and nursing protocols. Review treatment plans, laboratory data, medication and treatment records. Develop nursing diagnosis and treatment plans. Administer medications and treatments as ordered by the provider. Check for medication allergies, dosages and side effects, and drug interactions. Collect samples (e.g., blood, urine) for laboratory analysis. Monitor a patient's response to treatment. Prepare patient and assist the provider and other health care professionals during clinical procedures and examinations.

Coordination of Care
Coordinate a patient's health care by scheduling services on site and also community-based services in conjunction with other institution activities. Communicate pertinent information to health care providers to ensure the necessary health care services are provided when community-based services are scheduled, or the patient is scheduled to be transferred to another institution or released.

Emergency Response
Assess patient, or staff member's health status in an emergency involving injury or illness. Provide appropriate nursing and therapeutic interventions to stabilize the patient's condition. Decide when a physician's assistance is required. Authorize patient transfer to infirmary or to hospital emergency room. Detect, treat, and follow-up on communicable disease spread in the facility.

Maintain accurate, legible and complete records of patient care. Document all requests for medical attention, objective data collected during patient care, treatment provided, evaluation of treatment effectiveness and patient education provided. Write nursing care plans and interdisciplinary treatment plans and complete other entries to support the medical records.

Educational Services
Explain basic disease prevention concepts and promote mental and physical health to inmates and staff. Assist facility staff in their understanding of basic emergency procedures and equipment, communicable diseases, and other issues, as requested.

Assist in developing, implementing, and evaluating program activities and participate in improvement projects or plans. Coordinate nursing care activities with services provided by other departments. Assume responsibility for the operations of the unit in the absence of management staff. Order supplies and maintain inventory of medications and equipment. Evaluate and monitor medical supplies to ensure appropriate supplies are available in sufficient quantities and that accurate accounting and secure storage of supplies, including narcotic, needle and syringe counts, is maintained. Participate in evaluating new and replacement medical equipment.


Job Requirements

Possess a valid Oregon Registered Professional Nurse's License at the time of appointment.

Preference given to candidates with an unencumbered license.


Salem, Oregon , 97302

Employment Type



$5,977 - $9,076 / month


Oregon Department of Corrections

Date Posted

Sep 7th, 2021

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