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Registered nurses in correctional facilities must have very strong personalities and a "thick skin." These nurses will have insults hurled at them along with the occasional object. A compassion for persons incarcerated is required. The ability to see past the inmate's crime and treat them as a patient in need will garner much more cooperation from the inmate rather than a strong attitude. Generally, new graduate nurses are not hired for positions in prisons, although local jails may consider new grads. Nurses in correctional facilities have a number of paperwork duties to perform as well as being in charge of the infirmary. Nurses track immunizations, stock and reorder medications, give patient teaching and generally perform all other basic bedside nursing skills. Nurses should have some prior clinical experience, most typically on a med-surg floor. Correctional nurses will deal with wounds, communicable diseases, mental illness, and emergencies. Good assessment skills and knowledge of self-defense is required for these nurses. Nurses in this specialty enjoy a great deal of autonomy in their job as they are making most of the medical decisions instead of a licensed physician.

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