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Nursing in Atwater, CA

With a base salary of $70,000 and a handsome benefits package, you could be receiving a total compensation value of $99,000 as a staff nurse in Atwater, CA. Benefits includes things like paid time off, 401K/403B, healthcare and more. One local healthcare facility is the Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital based in Atwater. It has 99 registered beds that are used to provide short-term care to inpatients and long-term care. It has been offering health care to the area since 1986. The community of Atwater is very close and keen to grow. The council regularly broadcasts its meetings to make sure citizens are kept up-to-date with what is happening with their beloved city. If you are very active, you may wish to take up Zumba, aerobics or yoga classes at the Atwater Community Center. For students, the WestMed College has six campuses across the state and they offer Vocational Nursing programs. Submit your resume to be matched to jobs in Atwater.


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