Nursing jobs in Enterprise

Nurses jobs in Enterprise, Alabama

This city is in Coffee and Dale counties and is near the Florida and Georgia state lines. It is near Fort Rucker, the American Army base where Army Aviation is headquartered.

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Population: 24,833

$63,765 is the current average annual salary on offer in Neenah for staff nurses, and there is a multitude of hospitals and medical centers which are offering work and training contracts. With many specialist and general medical centers in the area, you’ll be able to expand your nursing career and work with a number of other highly qualified professionals. Some of the hospitals and centers in the area include the Children’s Hospital, Saint Elizabeth Hospital and the Vallhaven Care Center. Neenah is a city in Wisconsin – more specifically, in Winnebago County close to Lake Winnebago. The city is on the border the town of Neenah, but remains politically independent. The city is a twin city of Menasha, and actually shares an island with the city called ‘Doty’. If you’re looking for nursing schools before applying for work, there are plenty. These include the Alverno College, Belin College and Blackhawk Technical College, amongst many others.

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