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OB/GYN nurses work in outpatient clinics and doctors' offices. These nurses are most frequently Nurse Practitioners. The OB/GYN nurse takes the pregnant patient from the moment of confirmation of pregnancy through her last office visit before delivery. This nurse guides the patient through tests, procedures, and education on all aspects of pregnancy. The nurse will check the patient in by taking their weight, vital signs and discussing the mother's and baby's progress. A time-line of events will be given to the mother. OB nurses schedule tests, review test results and have teaching and counseling sessions with the patient and/or spouse/family. OB/GYN nurses also have routine office visits with their female patients for annual PAP smears, mammograms, vaginal infections, reproductive problems and family planning. Nurses see a vast spectrum of female patients from puberty to after menopause. Some OB/GYN nurses are also nurse midwives and deliver babies in homes and hospitals.

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