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Ambulatory Care nurses provide care to patients on an outpatient settings in hospitals and community-based setting. These nurses can expect to triage, assess and treat several patients throughout the day. Nurses may see patients in the clinic, advise them over the phone or in the emerging technology of a virtual office visit via Internet. From a simple IV administration to broken bones, ambulatory care nurses have a broad patient base. Nurses in these setting must accurately triage their patients, first to determine whether or not the patient needs more emergent care than the outpatient setting is able to provide. Nurses in ambulatory settings Ambulatory care nurses may also be responsible for filling out insurance forms for worker's compensation as many businesses have contracts with outpatient clinics for medical services. This position attracts nurses who prefer a short-term, less than 24 hours, relationship with their patient, day shift hours, usually Monday through Friday work schedule, although some evenings and Saturdays may be required.

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