Duluth Nursing Jobs - Nursing jobs in Duluth, Minnesota

Nurse jobs in Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth is a port city in Minnesota, located on Lake Superior. The two major hospitals in Duluth supply over 8000 healthcare jobs to the local area. Register with us today to search nursing jobs in Duluth.

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Population: 84,959

The three hundred fifty-third largest city in the United States, Duluth, Minnesota is home to a population of just over 84,000 people. The westernmost port city on the Great Lakes, Duluth is a twin city of nearby Superior, Wisconsin. Duluth's economy revolves around hospitality, food service, education, construction, health care, public administration, and finance. The city is served by a number of large medical facilities, including Miller Dwan Medical Center, St. Luke's Hospital of Duluth, and St. Mary's Medical Center.

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