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East of Interstate 66, Hopkinsville is a city in Christian County and serves as the county seat. It was founded in 1796. During the Civil War, loyalties were split between the Union and Confederate sides.

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Population: 32,210

Nurses in Hopkinsville can take advantage of a range of local work opportunities and environments. Major employers include the Jennie Stuart Medical Center, the Cumberland Hall Hospital, Hopkinsville Dialysis, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center and Trover Clinic. What’s more, the average registered nurse in Hopkinsville earns $68,000. Hopkinsville is primarily a residential area, meaning there are lots of good schools and a wide selection of stores and services for your convenience. There is also an airport just 10 minutes from the city center. Hopkinsville is just over an hour from Nashville, Tennessee, meaning it’s perfect for those who like to enjoy the atmosphere of a state capital on their own terms! Nurses looking to expand their knowledge through training and education should look no further than Hopkinsville. Five minutes from the city center is Hopkinsville Community College, which offers qualifications and credentials in a number of nursing programs.

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