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Nurse jobs in Leawood, Kansas

South of Kansas City and Overland Park, Leawood is a city in Johnson County. In 2013, Neighborhood Scout named it one of the Top One Hundred Safest Cities in America.

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Population: 31,177

Offering a competitive salary and attractive employment packages, Leawood is a great place to be for registered nurses. You can earn, on average, around $65,000 per year and enjoy flexible working hours as well as many opportunities to advance your career. There are plenty of healthcare employers around the area, such as Humana in Overland Park and Amedisys Inc. in Olathe. There’s plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a more administrative role or a weekend on-call job. Leawood is known for its friendly neighborhood, beautiful parks and good schools, so you’ll definitely settle in quickly and enjoy living in the area. There are plenty of schools in the Kansas area such as the Chamberlain College of Nursing, which offers RN to BSN programs.

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