Registered Nurse Home Health - Springfield, Massachusetts -

Per Diem Nursing Job in
Springfield , Massachusetts, 01109

  • Employer: TOH
  • Profession: Registered Nurse
  • Specialty: Home Health
  • Compensation: 50/hr

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Treasure of Hope
Welcome to our job board.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team here at Treasure of Hope, Inc! The types of
positions that we have within our company are listed below along with a basic description and requirements.
Care Manager


• Conduct initial and ongoing assessments of the AFC qualified setting
• Obtaining a social history and conduct a psychosocial assessment and evaluation
• Select, train, evaluate, and supervise AFC caregivers in conjunction with the Registered
• Participate in the development, implementation, and ongoing review of the AFC plan of
• Conduct on-site visits with each member at the qualified setting bimonthly (alternating
the bimonthly visit with the Registered Nurse) for Level I, and monthly for Level II4
• Complete a care-management progress note corresponding with each on-site visit or
encounter and/or upon significant change
• Periodically review AFC caregiver logs
• Assist with obtaining information and accessing other health-care and community
• Review and document the fire and safety procedures for the qualified setting
• Participate in discharge planning and implementation
• Review, on at least an annual basis, the suitability of the qualified setting
Work Experience Requirements
Min. 2 Years of experience in direct care work with the elderly and disabled
Education Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree and a social worker license from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in
Social Work OR a Bachelor’s Degree and two years’ clinical experience in the care of elderly or
disabled persons.
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• Supervision and assistance with ADLs, IADLs, and any other personal care of a member
that is necessary for the member’s health and well-being
• Monitor and report any non-urgent or nonemergency changes in the member’s medical
condition to the member’s AFC provider. In cases of emergency, report directly to the
most appropriate provider and follow up with the AFC provider
• Ensure maintenance of the qualified setting consistent with the requirements
• Complete a caregiver log
• Send the completed caregiver log at the end of each month to the program’s registered
nurse where it is maintained as part of the member’s file
• Promptly arrange for medical care when needed
• Provide ongoing supervision of health-related activities, such as:
1. Issuing reminders to the member about prescribed medications
2. Timely refilling of the member’s prescriptions
3. Assisting with or arranging for member transportation to medical and other
4. Assisting the member to comply with health-care instructions from health-careproviders 5Requirements
You must be a responsible person who is at least 18 years of age, with the ability to make mature
and accurate judgments and with no mental, physical, or other impairments that would interfere
with the adequate performance of the duties and responsibilities of an AFC caregiver.
No abuse alcohol or drugs.
Capable of devoting the appropriate time necessary to provide needed personal care to the
member in order to ensure the member’s safety and well-being at all times.
Able to pass the Criminal Offender Records Information (CORI) check.
Have satisfactorily completed a physical examination and received a tuberculosis screening
within the prior 12 months.
Met all other requirements established by the AFC provider for an AFC caregiver.
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Registered Nurse


Completing a nursing assessment
Coordinating all other applicable clinical assessments
Developing the member’s AFC plan of care
Conducting on-site visits with each member at the qualified setting
For Level I, bimonthly (alternating with the bimonthly visit by the care manager)
For Level II, monthly, or more often as the member’s condition warrants
Completing a nursing progress note for each on-site visit or encounter and upon significant change
Monitoring each member’s health status and documenting those findings in the member’s medical record for each on-site visit or encounter, or more often as the member’s condition warrants
Educating the member about hygiene and health concerns
Reporting changes in the member’s condition to the member’s physician
Coordinating the implementation of physician's orders with the member, AFC caregiver, and AFC provider personnel
Evaluating, supporting, and training the AFC caregiver.
Can be contractor or employee

Job Requirements

Min. 2 Years experience direct care working with the elderly and disabled.
Education Requirements B.S. Registered Nursing.Apply Now


Springfield, Massachusetts , 01109

Employment Type

Per Diem





Date Posted

May 20th, 2020

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