Work from home creating video content for a nurse job board - Austin, Texas -

Permanent Nursing Job in
Austin , Texas, 78701

  • Employer: MadLab
  • Profession: Registered Nurse
  • Specialty: Administrative / Research / Non-Clinical
  • Compensation: up to $80 per hour

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Are you looking to spend a few hours a month working from home? Do you have a gift for communicating clearly and succinctly? Would you love taking videos and talking about your work, the things it taught you, and nursing life in general? Then we have the perfect gig for you!

We are looking for nurses to create short videos for use on our blog, social media, and online advertising campaigns. They would include ads to introduce our services, but otherwise we are open to any creative ideas that play to your strengths! You would be paid for each video, translating to an average of $40 to $80 per hour.


A few years ago, we decided we only wanted to use photos of real nurses in our marketing, because we hated those stock photos of models posing (poorly) as nurses just as much as you do. In the photo contests we launched since, we received hundreds of awesome photos, but now we want to take it to the next level.

Our aim: create video content that the hundreds of thousands of nurses who use our job board can recognize themselves in. Content that informs them, helps them, or entertains them, whether it’s about professional development, career choices, or #nurselife. And in line with our principles, we need real nurses to help us create it!


The kinds of videos we are thinking of range from short ads introducing our services for job seekers and recruiters to presentations about travel nursing, but we are open to your creative ideas! Maybe your strength lies in explaining difficult subjects in a crisp way, maybe you excel at enthusing and motivating your colleagues, maybe you’d be best at making short playful clips. Show us what you do best, and we'll start from there!

This is a part-time contract gig where you will be paid for completion of a content project (for example, a 5-10 minute video). If the video inspires questions in the comments to our social media posts, we might also ask you to engage with those. If you are selected, we'll need you to be available for at least one content project per month. The compensation will vary depending on the complexity and estimated time to complete the project, with budgets for each project ranging from $100 to $500, but we expect most contractors will earn an average of $40 to $80 per hour.


At MadLab, the parent company of NurseRecruiter, we all work remotely, and we communicate online. We are a flexible team where everyone’s input is encouraged and welcomed. At the same time, you are not expected to attend any lengthy meetings, communication lines are direct, red tape is minimal, and you can complete your tasks independently when and where you like within any set deadline.


To apply, please click the Inquire button and make sure to complete your profile and include a resume. The next step is we'll email you asking you to send us a video introducing yourself. Feel free to tell us something interesting about your work as a nurse or how you entered the nursing profession. Any links to videos you’ve already uploaded that you’re proud of (eg on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) are of course welcome too.

Job Requirements

• You work, or have recently worked, as RN, APN, NP, or LPN/LVN. (As this is not a clinical position, an active nurse license is preferred but not required.)
• You have at least one year of experience in any specialty, so the content you create will be inspired and influenced by your professional expertise and experience.
• You have a camera or mobile phone capable of recording and uploading high quality video.
• Access to other video production equipment (e.g. tripod, green screen) is a plus, but we will also reimburse you for, or provide, other equipment/supplies as needed.
• If you have scrubs that you can wear on camera (to make it easier for viewers to identify you as a nurse), that is also a plus. We may also send you complimentary scrubs or other branded apparel to review and/or wear on camera.


Austin, Texas , 78701

Employment Type



up to $80 per hour



Date Posted

Jan 19th, 2021

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