Community Mobile Van Nurse -
Community Mobile Van Nurse
RN - Rehab
Washington, District of Columbia
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Community Mobile Van Nurse

PS2G is seeking a full-time Registered Nurse with experience in
The Department of Behavioral Health (DBH), the behavioral health authority for the District of Columbia, seeks a contractor to support the implementation of LIVE.LONG.DC., the District’s Strategic Plan to Reduce Opioid Use, Misuse, and Related Deaths. Specifically, the contractor will support the District to address Goal 5, Strategy 5.5, “Incorporate emphasis on physical health (including intensive health screenings) and mental well-being in substance use disorder treatment and programming.”
The contractor shall provide nursing supports in the community for persons with opioid use disorder (OUD), stimulant use disorder (STUD), and other behavioral health challenges by facilitating access to treatment, holistic wellness, and enhancing the continuum of care offered by DBH.

• Must be a registered nurse (RN) and have a valid license in the District of Columbia.
Duties shall include the following:
• Serves as a community nurse with responsibility for performing professional nursing care with a variety of patients on a mobile health van.
• Performs initial behavioral assessment that includes but is not limited to; overall health history, nursing and risk assessments, for withdrawal and potential withdrawal symptoms, medical risk factor screenings, vital sign screening, urgent care assessments, and routine laboratory studies as indicated by or as directed by a physician or mid-level provider.
• Provides general nursing services, treatment of minor acute illnesses, and referrals for specialty care and emergency care as needed.
• Provides in health education, referral and linkage to treatment for OUD, STUD, and other behavioral health disorders.
• Ability to build rapport with clients, work within a multidisciplinary environment, as well establish collaborative relationships with community providers
• Maintain standards of patient care consistent with DBH policies.
• Maintains security while administering medications, including being cognizant of the potential hazard of drug hoarding and drug trafficking.
• Inspects work location to ensure that the medication supply is safe-guarded and that adequate medical supplies are available to conduct operations for the day.
• Completes drug requisitions for medication needed to be re-stocked, in accordance with DBH protocols.
• Maintains accurate accounting of controlled substances as called for in standard operating protocols.
Maintain client confidentiality as required by HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2; in addition to treating all clients, colleagues and co-workers with dignity and respect.

General Knowledge Requirements:
• Knowledge of the full range of professional nursing and community nursing concepts, principles, and practices to assess the nursing needs of patients, provide general medical nursing care to out- patients with a variety of medical conditions.
• Alertness and skill in providing care in a community environment where emergency situations may arise.
• Knowledge of behavioral health and co-occurring disorders.
• Knowledge of pharmaceuticals, effects, side effects, and complications and implications of their use including medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD).
• Willingness to work in close proximity to patients with co-occurring behavioral health and general medical disorders. Work involves some risk to personal safety and property.
• Knowledge of emergency medical protocols and the use of emergency equipment and medications including, but not limited to, an automated external defibrillator (AED).
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing in order to document medical assessments and interventions, prepare documentation and reports, and provide patient care.
• Ability to use computers and software applications.

Registered Nurse
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2 months
Start Date
Jan 2nd, 2022