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Pasadena , Texas

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Job Summary:
Has accountability for Cardiac Cath Lab and other assigned areas. The major responsibilities are in providing leadership and communication, monitoring the work environment, assuring quality, managing the fiscal budget, managing human resources and ensuring the delivery of competent clinical practice.

Essential Duties:
• Facilitates staff to assume leadership roles, via role modeling.
• Demonstrates positive leadership skills and communication which results in achievement of outcomes.
• Articulates departmental goals and objectives allowing staff to actively participate in clinical decision-making
• Facilitates high quality work environment by addressing the needs of the department.
• Ensures that appropriate equipment and supplies are available to provide effective and efficient nursing care.
• Participates quality programs, and formulates corrective action plans for improvement.
• Develops a multidisciplinary program to monitor quality patient care indicators.
• Maintains a consistent top box score on selected department items on customer service survey.
• Develops and reviews Departmental
• Maintains fiscal budget within established targets, overtime, orientation costs, SSP costs and medical supply costs for multiple departments.
• Adjusts staffing patterns according to unit activity and patient acuity.
• Reviews fiscal Worksheet with leader analyzing variances and implementing appropriate action plans.
• Develop and manage the unit budgets for capital equipment priorities based on patient unit needs and according to budget policy.
• Identifies major hospital cost savings
• Identifies new revenue-producing opportunities.
• Facilitates professional growth and development of staff.
• Demonstrates accountability for human and material resource management
• Complies with personnel policies and procedures. Ensures that job standards are understood by employees.
• Evaluates orientation process effectiveness and employee progress during orientation.
• Ensures that payroll for multiple departments is accurate and timely.
• Membership in a professional organization.
• Maintains clinical exposure.
• Ensures effective delivery of competent, compassionate nursing care.

Job Requirements

RN with 3+ years experience in a leadership role inside the Cath Lab


Pasadena, Texas

Employment Type



Vanguard Management Group, Inc.

Date Posted

Feb 12th, 2019

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