Critical Care Float Pool RN - Burlington, MA - $65.85/hr - $3226/wk - Burlington, Massachusetts -

Per Diem Nursing Job in
Burlington , Massachusetts, 01813

  • Employer: Planet Healthcare
  • Profession: Registered Nurse
  • Specialty: ICU (MICU, SICU, CCU, BICU)
  • Compensation: $65.85/hr

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Burlington, Massachusetts
36 or 48 hours a week
Traveler 36 hour option:
$65.85/hr ($38.85/hr non taxed)($27/hr taxed)
Gross: $2370/wk
$972 non taxed/wk
Traveler 48 hour option:
$65.85/hr ($38.85/hr non taxed)($27/hr taxed)
Gross: $3226/wk
Local Pay: $60/hr
Contact me if interested
**Only need Resume & License to submit**

Job Requirements

ACLS - BLS - MA License (can apply for temp license free online)


Burlington, Massachusetts , 01813

Employment Type

Per Diem




Planet Healthcare

Date Posted

May 20th, 2020

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