Health & Wellbeing Director -

Health & Wellbeing Director

Health & Wellbeing Director
RN - Admin
Healdsburg, CA
Kendal at Sonoma dba Enso Village

Kendal at Sonoma dba Enso Village

An authentic, sustainable, awake, engaged community, evolving the practice of senior living in a calm, compassionate, respectful environment, informed by the teachings of wisdom and contemplative care. Each person will follow the path of their choosing, so that together we can help each other accept what is and embrace what comes in the dynamic process we are now experiencing. Authentic community life at Enso Village will be supported by Contemplative Care training for the staff and any residents who would like to learn more about how to care for ourselves and our community with kindness and wisdom. Commitment to Sustainability Before we even knew where we would build Enso Village, we knew how. In the fundamental design of the community, in our choice of construction materials and building standards and, most importantly, in the way we will live and work within the footprint of Enso Village, sustainability has been as integral to our thinking as the safety, comfort and health of our residents.
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Health & Wellbeing Director

Who are you?
As a seasoned health care professional, you have developed a highly organized, principled and compassionate approach to providing the best of clinical services. You love dealing with the older adult population and are passionate about providing a level of care that sets you and your team apart as uniquely skilled and caring. You understand how important it is to connect with people to ensure respectful, deep listening. At this point in your career, you have plenty of experience with Electronic Health Record systems and you have implemented and driven process improvements, too. You stay apprised of regulatory changes and you hold your team accountable for understanding and interpreting these changes regarding level of care. You love fresh and novel approaches and your team will say “I learned so much from working with them!” You are open-minded, open-hearted and you consider yourself a lifelong learner. Kindness is first nature to you and you lead and serve with gentle assurance of your skill and insight.

Value Creation:
You manage your team to ensure alignment with the Zen-inspired contemplative care approach for providing care and services to residents. Always seeking ways to make things better, you balance the day-to-day demands of the role with new and better care and service approaches. Your dedicated intention to working across the management team is aspirational and results in the highest quality of integrated service to each and every resident. You lead your team to provide that “something extra” so everyone feels honored and held with loving compassion. The team’s discretion is notable, quality is measurable, and efficiency is laudable. AND your team members arrive to work each day with a big smile and a helpful attitude. Pure LOVE!

Role Metrics:
• Quality
• Budget Management
• Audit Results (Compliance)
• Circle of Care - Satisfaction Scores


1 Develops programs and protocols for providing exemplary health care services to the community at Enso Village
• Develops and implements practice protocols in collaboration with physician partner, care staff, residents, the Heads of Spiritual Life and Inspirement and all other disciplines to ensure alignment with Enso mission and purpose
• Leverages core trainings and principles of Contemplative Care program when applicable
• Develops quality performance metrics, identifying both leading and lagging indicators, to ensure quality of care is tracked and targets are met or exceeded
• Reviews quality assurance and performance improvement indicators; devises corrective actions plans for targeted data points
• Establishes systems that support the identification and intervention plans for high risk residents, considering mental wellness, nourishment, behavioral patterns, physical safety and incidences, community involvement, etc.
• Designs and implements collaborative programs with local community resources to elevate and nurture health, wellbeing and safety at Enso

2 Evaluates and coordinates well-being for each Resident at Enso Village
• Develops familiarity with the resident community at Enso Village, understanding the importance of looking both holistically and individually at the health needs for the entire resident community
• Represents resident care support in decision-making, problem-solving and conflict management using plenary collaborative methods
• Interprets care protocols to residents, their families, clinical staff and other members of
• Partners with circle of care givers to assess community and individual wellbeing status
• Ensure appropriate staffing levels and resources to meet residents’ needs
• Schedules rounds to observe effectiveness of care

3 Oversees and is responsible for compliance with all regulatory requirements
• Executes all policies and procedures ethically and accurately
• Maintains federal and state requirements
• Ensures that the philosophy and objectives of Enso Village’s care services and community are integrated into the care approach for every resident
• Reviews all incidents reports to understand gaps and to identify/address patterns
• Audits charts for compliance with documentation standards

4 Oversees daily clinical operations, including team assignments
• Delegates administrative and clinical care tasks as appropriate to team members, ensuring effective and compliant documentation processes (ie, health record maintenance)
• Is directly responsible for hiring, performance, mentoring, coaching, and taking intermediary action according to the standards and policies; may work with HR to execute these duties
• Delivers new-hire and intermediary on-the-job trainings
• Creates and maintains team schedules to ensure adequate care and care support across the 24x7 operations
• Supports the professional development of the team

5 Manages the department budget
• Participates in the annual budgeting process
• Partners with the Finance team to assess monthly adherence to departmental budget
• Participates in development and execution on departmental capital projects

6 Maintains safe and sanitary work environment
• Remains apprised of state and local regulatory changes impacting the working environment
• Works with interdisciplinary team to identify new supplies that are safe, effective and contribute (as possible) to a sustainability value
• Ensures staff adheres to Low-Lift policy and use safe body mechanics
• Schedules regular trainings to ensure understanding of safety methods and approaches
• Support community health and safety procedures, in partnership with Facilities Leader, in relation to hazards, fire and other emergencies
• Interprets and complies with all OSHA safety standards

7 – Performs other duties as required

Role-based Competencies
• Team Management
• Process Management
• Quality Focus
• Judgment and Decision-making

Background Requirements
BS in nursing or related field is required, with graduation from an accredited school of Nursing and current licensure in the state of California as an RN. Must achieve A minimum of five years’ experience in a supervisory and administrative role, leading a team of licensed care providers is required. Must have Adult CPR and AED certification, renewed annually. Previous experience in residential care, senior living with assisted living and memory care is required. Must have a demonstrated passion for nursing excellence across the full continuum of care, having notable innovative and collaborative ideas and outcomes. Must demonstrate excellent judgment and decision-making. Must have prior experience establishing service standards and operating procedures. Must be completely familiar with eHR systems, HIPAA and state guidelines governing RFCEs. Supervisory skills are required, with the ability to distill complex medical treatments to understandable and executable guidelines. Excellent communication skills are required. The ability to advocate across a wide spectrum of stakeholders is required. The ability to adapt, be flexible and shift priorities is required.

A combination of experience, practical training and education may substitute.
Healdsburg, California 95448
Registered Nurse
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